Don Henry - an Opera by Frank Nawrot

Ep. 1 - Don Henry

August 23, 2022 Frank Nawrot Episode 1
Don Henry - an Opera by Frank Nawrot
Ep. 1 - Don Henry
Show Notes

Don Henry - an Opera by Frank Nawrot stars Neal Long as Don, Gretchen Pille as Salaria and Don's mother, Rachael Rule as Megan O'Reilly, and Frank Nawrot as Duke Prospero. Music, mixing, production, and sound design by Frank Nawrot.

Episode 1 song credits:

"Oh, Kansas" - lyrics by Frank Nawrot
"Die for me" - lyrics by Frank Nawrot
"To Spain" - lyrics by R.E. Rule

Poems by international brigaders were found in the book Poems From Spain, edited by Jim Jump

All other original lyrics and dialogue written by Frank Nawrot and R.E. Rule

Duke Prospero's lines are based on the University of Kansas Board of Regents press release commissioned by the House Un-American Activities Committee

If you’d like to learn more about the staged version of this opera or donate to the International Brigade Memorial Trust and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, please visit

Artwork by Shawn Womack